Monday, January 16, 2012

Meet the Master Gardener------Brian Olszak

Penn State Extension Philadelphia Master Gardeners come from a variety of background and experiences in gardening. Becoming a master gardener for each person is a decision based on these experiences.
In the upcoming months we will meet some of these dedicated gardeners.

My name is Brian Olszak and I'm a graduate student in the Community and Regional Planning department at Temple University, with a concentration in Sustainable Communities Planning. As part of my University Fellowship there, I'll be working in Temple's Center for Sustainable Communities for the 2012-2013 school year. I'm also on the Board of Directors of the Philadelphia Orchard Project. Some of my interests include vinyl records, community and economic development, bicycling, and (of course) gardening.
I first encountered the Philadelphia Master Gardeners at an Earth Day event at the Constitution Center. Combining horticultural and gardening know-how with outreach and partnership with the community made all the sense in the world to me, especially in light of the current threats to our environment today. I wanted to both enhance my skills as a gardener and also lend my expertise to those in the community in beautifying and sustaining their gardens and neighborhoods. I can't wait to get started. Brian is giving a talk on fruiting trees for the Second Saturday Workshop in 2012.

The presentation on Fruiting Tees for the Master Gardeners training.

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