Monday, January 9, 2012

Who Knew? Part 1

Other People's Gardens------------Who Knew!!!!      
By Patricia Beynen        Philadelphia Master Gardener

One of the joys of community gardens is the view of other people's efforts.  Whose beans are up, whose tomatoes are in flower, and what is that thing with the huge leaves over there? 

That guessing game about other people's gardens goes on through the whole season.  Our gardens are
12 x 12, so devoting a fourth of it to any one item seemed extravagant to me.  What was that little purple leafed plant covering so much ground in the next plot?  And why would anyone grow so much of it?   My garden neighbor and I were finally working in the dirt on the same day, and she told me the purple plants were her favorite variety of basil, the one she thought made the best flavored pesto.  But why so much?  Pesto is her number one Christmas present, and she needed a LOT to meet the demand.  Who would have thought?


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