Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rain Garden Seminar

By Michele Koskinen

I recently had the privilage of attending a rain garden workshop with Alyssa Van Alstine and 3 of her students. They were brave souls that had to trek from Roxborough to Camden at an early hour to get information needed to build a rain garden at their high school. That is their Senior project and it is a daunting task. The workshop was "For Landscapers" so I called and got permission for them to go.

I was quite impressed by the knowledge they had already attained and could bring to the workshop. It was a long day for me and I can remember being 18 and trying to keep awake in college classes in the AM. They did remarkedly well.

The last part of the workshop was of a practical nature and we had to actually make a plan for a rain garden using a site next to a home. The best part of the day, as we were applying what we had learned.
They will come back in March to install a garden and that should really put them on good footing to do the Roxborough garden. We will be looking for volunteers so get out the gardening equipment everyone.

This garden was put in to relieve flooding at this intersection.

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