Monday, February 20, 2012

Vermicomposting Workshop

Lucille Amadie and Sue Sipos presented a Second Saturday workshop on vermicomposting. The workshop was beneficial to those of us that do not have a space for a compost pile. Worms, paper, compost material and you have wonderful tea and compost.

The discussion talked about the types of worms, ready made bins versus home made, and how to use the "Tea" produced by the breakdown of the kitchen and vegetable scraps.

The purchased bins used in the talk look like this photo and can be purchased from several sites or nurseries.

Worm compost is a high fertility soil improver and is richer than garden compost. It should not smell and is a great way for apartment dweller or those without a compost pile outside to get free rich compost for their plants.

Next Workshop Lasagna Gardening March 2012

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