Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Demonstration Garden First Planting and Clean Up

The Demonstration Garden is located behind the Horticulture Center in Fairmount Park. Stop by and see the progress  

                                         Bulbs planted in the fall are popping up.


Rosemary in bloom

More than a dozen Master Gardeners gathered at theDemonstration Garden at the Horticulture Center Saturday for a few gratifying hours of spring clean up and cold crop planting. Elizabeth captured the spirit of the day, saying, "what a perfect day for gardening". Beds were raked, weeded, and mulched. Old fencing got carted off, irrigation hoses were repositioned and pegged into the beds, and hundreds of seeds were laid out in neat rows. "I can't wait to see all these lovely vegetables", said Mary Ellen.        

Garden coordinator, Michelle Sokolof thanks all those who have already committed to tend the garden, and wants all Master Gardeners to know they are welcome to stop by any time to lend a hand. Kim Labno's  parting comments on this sunny early spring day say it all, " we're great, gardening is great, life is great". Nothing like a day in the garden with other Master Gardener to make you feel this way

A breath of spring

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  1. Way to go Demo team- we planted cool season crops, jump started our compost area and prepped the area for the new culinary green wall.