Thursday, August 9, 2012

City Gardens Contest...Waiting for Results

Lois Fischer

Judging day was this past Thursday. Needless to say, I am much relieved. Obsessing over every plant and seedling is certainly not the way to spend one's summer! My saintly husband and gardening partner patiently listened and smiled as I asked his advice and then chose to totally ignore it. He is delighted that judging day is over and that our lives have resumed some sort of normalcy once again.

The garden really did look wonderful. The recently planted seeds that replaced the earlier crops cooperated, sprouting up just in time for the judges to see. The lotus in the water garden was in bloom. Lotus plants are edible. The seeds are eaten raw, roasted, candied or popped like popcorn. The rhizomes are stewed, fried or pickled. Even the flowers are edible. This hardy plant is a nice addition to a vegetable garden if you have a pond or water feature.

There were cucumbers on the vine, eggplants and hot peppers ready to be picked and beans galore. The sun shone and all was right with the world. Now the wait begins. The winners receive notification by mail sometime in September and are honored at the Fall Garden Festival on Saturday, September 22nd. Wish me luck!

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