Thursday, October 25, 2012

October 27th is Philadelphia Orchard Day!


Brian Olszak

Saturday, October 27th will be the 2nd annual Philadelphia Orchard Day--a celebration of local Philadelphia orchards and growing spaces alike, promoted by the Philadelphia Orchard Project (POP).

POP works with community-based organizations to plant and sustain orchards in underutilized spaces in Philadelphia. They collaborate with the partner on the orchard's design and implementation, while providing ongoing technical assistance on the maintenance and care of the orchard. These types of orchards, sometimes called "forest gardens," are planted with perennial fruit-bearing plants, as well as other perennials that attract beneficial insects, deter pests, and improve soil fertility, which decrease the need for toxic sprays or artificial fertilizers. Over the last 6 years, POP has planted almost 1500 fruiting trees, bushes, and vines with schools, churches, community development corporations, civic groups, and urban farms in the city.

On October 27th, nine orchards around the city will be having tours, plantings, harvest festivals and celebrations to bring attention these hidden treasures. maybe there is one going on in your community! To find out if an Orchard Day celebration is going on in your neighborhood, go to for locations and details.

It's no coincidence that October 27th is also National Make a Difference Day, so even if you can't make it out to an orchard, lend your neighbor a hand and show some love!

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