Thursday, October 10, 2013

2014 Master Gardener Class Welcomed

Michele K. Koskinen

Anna Herman the Philadelphia Master Gardener Coordinator 
The 2014 Penn State Extension Philadelphia Master Gardeners class was welcomed by Anna Herman the Philadelphia Master Gardener Coordinator and John Byrnes the Philadelphia Extension Director to the program on October 3rd. A brief overview of programs at the Extension and the Master Gardener program provided the trainees with a better understanding of what Master Gardeners and the Extension provides to the Philadelphia gardening community.

John Byrnes Philadelphia Extension  Director
Trainees will take classes in a variety of subjects from soil science, propagation and botony to IPM for a total of 40 plus hours and will be required to volunteer for 50 hours the first year.
Current Master Gardeners can also attend the classes as a refresher course for their required 8 hours of Advanced Training credits.

Several Committee Chairpersons made a brief presentaion on their projects and how the new
group could join in coming months. 

Lois Fischer Chairperson of the Edible Demonstration Gardens 

Howard Goldstein Chairperson of the Butterfly Garden
DeVida Jenkins Co Chair of the
Butterfly Gardens

In addition to the Demonstration Garden presentations, Jackie Simon made a presentation on her 4H and Master Gardener collaboration in several Department of Recreation and Michele Koskinen spoke on the Communications Committee projects.

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