Sunday, May 17, 2015

Adventures in the Edible Landscape Garden

Hard Work in the Early Spring Yields Dividends

This season's garden is off to a fabulous start. Work began in March when the outdoor temperatures still required winter hats and gloves. Committee members met at the garden in Fairmount Park on a sunny Saturday afternoon. The beds were raked, winter debris was removed and the soil was turned. Progress was measured by the large number of  filled trash bags lining the walkway next to the garden. By mid-April, the various plant supports were installed and necessary repairs made to the permanent structures. We were ready to plant!

Early plantings with row covers
Master Gardener, Eldredge Ragsdale at work
Cool weather crops including a half dozen types of lettuce, arugula, radishes and Chinese mustard greens planted a month ago are now ready to harvest. The kale and kohlrabi are not far behind. Summer harvest vegetables went in a week ago including peppers, tomatoes, bush and pole beans plus cucumbers and onions. The garlic planted last October is standing tall and promises to yield a healthy crop. The 'Himrod' grapes that were ruthlessly cut back in March are growing rapidly. The first few tiny grapes were spotted on the vines today.

Ever eager to expand our growing capabilities, the Committee volunteers cleared the old compost area that had become a dumping spot for debris and created a new planting bed. Fruit cages have been installed and blueberries and gooseberries have been planted. The extra space next to the cages has become an onion patch where 'Walla Walla' and 'Red Zeppelin' onions are now planted.

We encourage all of our Master Gardeners to visit the garden throughout the growing season. In case you are not certain where to find us, the garden is located on the back side of the Horticultural Center greenhouses in Fairmount Park.