Thursday, August 16, 2012

Preserving the bounty...Dilled green tomatoes

Submitted Michele Koskinen

Many gardeners not only grow their food they preserve the bounty of the garden to enjoy all year long. In a previous entry Lois Fischer presented her  Dilly Beans

 I am partial to dilled green tomatoes.  Follow all instructions to sterilize the jars and lids or you will have spoilage. This is probably the most important part. Ball has several great books to get you up and running. This uses the water canning process

About 5 pound of small firm green tomatoes washed and drained. Depending on the size they should be quartered or halved.

1/4 c salt I use kosher or Ball
3 1/2 c of white vinegar
3 1/2 c of water
6 or 7 cloves of garlic adjusted to amount of tomatoes
6 or 7 heads of fresh dill or 1/4 c of seed
6 or 7 bay leaves
If you like hot spicy add a hot pepper whole for heat.

Bring water and vinegar to a boil.  Pack the tomatoes into a hot jar and add a clove of garlic, dill 2 Tsp or a head, 1 bay leaf. Ladle hot liquid over tomatoes leaving 1/2" of space. Remove air bubbles. Adjust caps and process 15 minutes in boiling water canner. Yield about 6 pints

Others have their favorites and I am hoping to get some of them to share. But before you begin, you should always take care to use proper canning or preservation techniques. PennState Extension has advice on their blog about just those things. So beginners and veterans alike review and be safe.

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