Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pollinators at work in the fall garden

Linda Grimwade

This photo from my front garden illustrates how bees and butterflies are attracted to Sedum Autumn Joy, also called stonecrop. It likes full or partial sun, sandy or clay soil, whatever the soil pH, so it is easy to grow. It is also rabbit-and deer-resistant, unlike my impatiens.

In the fall the light green foliage is topped with huge dusty-pink flower heads, which turn to a rich bronzy-red color. Even the dead heads are attractive in winter.
It is easy to propagate: any broken stem just seems to grow roots when stuck in the soil, so that you can transplant it to other parts of the garden.

Michele K. Koskinen
From my garden I have added a few more photos and a short video of pollinators on my Zinnia's

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