Thursday, April 4, 2013

Become a citizen scientist.... natures notebook.

Michele K. Koskinen

Weather events recently in the United States have gardeners and others wondering how the current climate will or may effect the planet in the future. Changes in weather will affect our crops, our economies and our health. Do you plant earlier, see more weeds sooner, have a drought effecting crops or your lawn, have more pests, see migratory birds sooner? All questions that scientist are hoping to answer by recruiting "citizen scientist".

A new national program by USA-National Phenology Network and the U.S. Geological Survey along with other agencies is asking for citizen volunteers to observe and record findings on changes occuring in the world of nature. Starting in the spring, the garden begins to emerge, migrations are taking place and changes in the plant and animal world are occuring. This program is looking for volunteers to spend a few minutes recording what is occuring in their backyards which will give scientist a view of the entire country and the changes YOU the citizen scientist are experiencing.

From the classroom to the backyard, there is a program that will help collect information and help form a more comprehensive database. Want to volunteer? Check out their website below for more information.

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