Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Philadelphia School Garden Project…….JB Kelly and Kelly Green

Michele Koskinen

School gardening projects on a whole are difficult to maneuver with budget constraints (no money), time for students to participate, teacher time volunteering, school and parent permission, no easy access to water, weeds, and of course how do you do this in a few months and be successful. Last year 2013 we started the JB Kelly school garden with a community organization Kelly Green. Previous blog on the garden 2013
End of a successful planting day

The 2014 year started with 15 students, K to 4, and turned out to be a great experience with a final party using lettuce, radishes, and mint from the garden. The garden has expanded to include more vegetables and a perennial herb garden. This garden is highly visible to the entire school population during recess and when anyone is working in the garden, many of the students are curious, come over and start with the questions.
          what is that? where are the worms? can I help? can I take this home I found it? what does it taste like? I don't eat that ? etc.

We also encourage them to TASTE the leafy green lettuces, kale and anything else ready to be harvested. Of course when we are not there they harvest the strawberries, radishes and beets and tell the tale of she or he picked them and I told them not too.

I think the program was a growing success and we will continue next year with a few more classroom lessons. I am also hoping to add a little snack making using veggies from the garden.  Examples would be mint tea, salads with herbs and fruits, Tzatziki (cucumbers and yogurt), peas, strawberries and raspberries with yogurt, and more. 

A big thank you goes to Naomi Carter the teacher who spearheaded this effort, along with Dennis Barneby the coordinator of Kelly Green and Tom our in house volunteer,  and all of the community members and parents that have helped to get this garden started and continuing to grow.

April beginning

Water has to be brought out in a rolling trash can.

How much room does the plant need to grow, let's measure.


Planting Sedum for the Bees and Butterflies in August

To take home… a few flower plugs from Tom

a game at harvest   Who can spell radish, carrot, kale?
Does anyone remember what this vegetable is? 
Harvesting greens

Getting ready for the end of year party……….Salad w balsamic vinaigrette, Pizza, Mint Tea, Fruit, Tzatziki and flat bread. Pick, wash, tear into small pieces, wash your hands and let's eat.

Would you like salad? Strawberries? Cucumbers?
What is Tzatziki
See everyone next year

Mr Tom and his recess children.
Recess and" Can I help water with the new hose?"

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