Thursday, November 27, 2014

Philadelphia Master Gardener Pollinator Garden………..The most beautiful garden in the park

Michele K Koskinen

Fairmount park and photography go hand in hand if you know where to go.
The Pollinator Garden in the spring and summer along with the Japanese Tea House are favorites. The fall has it's own pleasures as the trees are turning, the squirrels are scrambling for acorns, the bees and other insects are preparing for the cooler weather, and everything is quieting down.

On one morning recently I saw a woman and her dog walking toward the garden and she looked as if she had visited before. I was curious to hear what she liked about the garden.

Hi "Could you tell me about this garden?"

She replied "It is the most beautiful and my favorite garden in the park to visit in the summer, really all year."

Her name is Vanessa A. Hunter and she is the President of the National Association of Professional Women King of Prussia Chapter. I introduced myself as a Master gardener and part of the organization that provides the public with the two gardens here at the Horticulture Center. We chatted a bit and I found that she visits on a regular basis and loves to come and have quiet time, watch the butterflies and walk around the park.

We also talked about the Food Forest and she was excited about the fig and fruit trees that were installed. Originally from New Orleans she said she had grown up with a fig tree in her back yard.
We talked about how she would pick the ripe ones before the birds ate them and then her family making jam and how she missed it.
I replied " it's a food forest maybe she could learn to make jam here in her new home".

The garden is a success and the team of Master Gardeners should be applauded.

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