Thursday, August 20, 2015

Basil Downy Mildew

Michele K Koskinen

Has your basil crop had serious growing issues? Yellow leaves, brown specks, curling and dry. At first I thought it was lack of water, then too much water, then my short away time with hot hot weather. But no, I started trying to find an answer and just received my weekly email from a blogger I follow. Subject, Downy Mildew on Basil. My basil is grown in containers on my deck and I have not seen this before this year. Apparently it was spotted in 2009 and has been tracked since then.

Scientist are trying to get answers on how wide spread the problem is and possible solutions for the commercial as well as residential grower. The two links below will give you information with photos and a chance to enter information on your own Basil downy mildew problem for Cornell University to study. Within the links you will find additional links to get more information.

Cornell info on downy mildew with great photos


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