Thursday, August 9, 2018

Have You Seen the Edible Landscape Demo Garden?!

Laddy Lau

If you have not been to the Edible Landscape Garden in Fairmount Park, you are missing a hidden treasure.

Each time I visit, there is something new to explore.  Read more about what is happening at the garden and the great work of the volunteers that are making this space a wonderful place for education and nourishment.

Floating row cover bordered by okra and other 

Lois, master gardener, providing a tour of the garden to visitors

Community gathers to explore the Edible Landscape Demo Garden
 These pics don't do the demo garden justice so visit the Edible Landscape Demo Garden in person.  Explore the paths that lead to vibrant pollinators, rows of peppers, okra, herbs, berries, and so much more!! Located just beyond the large greenhouse, you can peruse the Edible Landscape Garden and then venture to the Pollinator Garden that is near the white gazebo.

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  1. Could you say a little more specifically where in Fairmount Park this is located. Thank you.