Thursday, October 4, 2012

Burpee’s Historic Fordhook Farm Open Garden

Lauren McEwen

On August 24th and 25th Burpee opened their Doylestown, PA gardens to the public for a $5.00 admission fee. Daily events included guided garden tours, planting and harvesting demonstrations, tomato tastings, plant sale and a lecture on native blueberries by Dr. Mark Ehlenfeldt, USDA blueberry breeder and expert.

I had never been to the farm before and decided to check it out. I did a self-guided tour of the grounds and took lots of photos to share with you. While there, I also purchased Yukon Gold potatoes and garlic to plant in my vegetable garden. Follow up blog posts to come when it's time to put them in the ground.

 Some views of the Burpee perennial shade garden.

A quite nook to rest my feet

 There are a number of trial gardens at Burpee's Fordhook Farm. Visitors are not permitted inside the fences, where new plant varieties and techniques are being tested.

 View of a Fordhook Farm Trial Garden

A splash of color.

Famous Burpee Introductions

  • 1894 - Iceberg Lettuce. The first lettuce that can be transported to market without wilting.

  •  1902 - First Yellow Sweet CornGolden Bantam (yes, all sweet corn was originally white, Burpee bred a yellow sweet corn so it would seem like it was already buttered!)

  • 1948 - Burpee Big Boy Tomato - a breakthrough in taste and yield that is still a best seller today.

  •  1976 - Burpee introduces the first white Marigold.

  •  1998 - Burpee’s new4th of July’is the world’s first full-size tomato to ripen by Independence Day.

  •  1999 - First ever RED sweet corn ‘Ruby Queenis introduced.

  •  2009The world’s first seedless tomato ‘Sweet Seedless Hybrid’is introduced.

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