Thursday, November 1, 2012

Predicting Frost In The Garden

Maryanne Seifert

As gardeners, we are always watching the weather report on television or listening on the radio to see if we need to protect our gardens.  What if we didn’t have television or radio and we had to watch the weather by stepping outside?  How are we going to know what night a frost will come or how the dewpoint affects our gardens? 

A few tidbits of information from the article below:
Did you know when the sky is clear and the air is dry, chances are a frost will come?  But if the sky is cloudy, frost is less likely. 

Did you know trees act like a blanket that prevents heat from escaping into the atmosphere?  A garden surrounded on three sides by trees will survive the first two or three frosts untouched. 

And finally, one more tidbit.  The more moisture in the air at sunset, the less likelihood that frost will occur during the night.  

Did you know cold air is dense and  cold air is heavy, so heavy it flows downhill.  What happens when it hits a wall and your garden is there?

Have fun and watch out for that frost!

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