Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ordering seeds for your garden

Michele Koskinen

It is that time of year when many gardeners are ordering seeds and planning their gardens. In doing so they are looking at a multitude of seed catalogs and wondering what would be best for their gardens or what they would like to add or change. Some will choose the same variety they have had success with in prior years, others will look for new varieties of favorites or new plants to try. Every year new varieties come on to the market and many look so inviting and new. What should you do?

There is a science to what we plant. The success of our garden is usually specific to our growing conditions which includes soil, climate, disease, and ease of care. As a Master Gardener I know that Penn State Extension as well as other extensions around the country do research on varieties of vegetables, annuals and perennials suited for their particular state. In doing so they give the gardener information without alot of digging arouund on your own.

Penn State has free publications for the Pennsylvania gardener.
        The best vegetable varieties for Pennsylvania gardeners. Link to a pdf
        Information on seed packet.  Link to pdf

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