Thursday, May 9, 2013

Garden Apps

Michele K Koskinen

On a visit to the local nursery, I was watching someone on an IPAD look up a plant for more information. Wow! Why didn't I think of that moment? I have used my phone to take photos of gardens
or plants but this was pretty awsome. Knowledge at your fingertips. So are these apps a good thing. Research shows the first garden references for the tech/garden group were internet sites to get lost in. Then came ereaders of books......Now Apps for your phone or tablet. The earlier versions of apps I understand were not very good but have been updated and rated and have gotten much better.

Below are some useful articles to read if you are interested in using the New reference library when you are out and about. Good Luck. There are a ton of apps out there. Need more app articles? Google garden apps and there are many many selections. app


  1. Another useful garden app is Garden Compass
    You simply take a picture of a plant, pest or disease and submit it through the app to a team of live experts who identify it for you and provide necessary suggestions. Ultimately, when the algorithm learns all the plants etc much of this identifying will become automatic. While there is minimal capacity to purchase the plants and remedies at this time, they are working on a complete design overhaul of both the app and the website so that by fall you will be able to browse and buy an amazing array of unique garden-related gear and uncommon plants not available anywhere else. Go take a look. The Android version will be released soon.

    1. Technology is ever evolving. Thanks for the info.