Thursday, May 23, 2013

Just one of many Gardens of Versailles

Eileen Kull

The Gardens of Versailles are incredibly vast, they are on land that is 800 hectacres . Most of them consist of wide open spaces, with hedgerows and fountains on every corner.



I found it interesting that the hedgerows were not boxwood, but 
Carpinus betulus (hornbeam) a deciduous plant native to Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe, and Western Asia. It looked like a variety of beech to me. 

I prefer interesting landscaping, which was why my favorite garden was the Jardin du Roi. An oasis of beautiful landscaping in the middle of vast expansiveness. It was the site of many fountains dating back to 1617, but the fountains were eventually moved during one of many renovations and in 1817, Louis XVIII ordered the Île du roi and the Miroir d’Eau to be completely remodeled as an English-style garden, which must be why I like it so much.

 On the grass with the Magnolias was a perfect place to be on this beautiful day


 I wish I knew what this tree above was called, the photo doesn't do it justice, it was absolutely beautiful

 A very old Pine tree

A very old Ginko tree

clean lines against dainty leaves

the sun on the lense

What a photogenic garden!

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