Thursday, May 30, 2013

Le Jardin des Plantes.... Paris Gardens

Eileen Kull

Le Jardin des Plantes is the main botanical garden in Paris.
It is located in the 5th arrondissement on the left bank of the Seine.
It is also the site of a botanical library, horticultural museum, horticultural school, and zoo. I found it mostly used for strolling. There are several hedgerows and allies of plants that suit this purpose.

Here, in late April, you could still catch early spring :

Prunus fruticosa
Prunus Hisakiara
cherries and other Prunus species were in bloom:

 Magnolias were just getting started:

Magnolia stellata

Magnolia liliflora 'Nigra'
There are also historical trees to discover, the Wollemi Pine is a very interesting tree. Wollemia was only known through fossil records until the Australian species Wollemia nobilis was discovered in 1994.

  I discovered my new favorite flowering tree, Cydonia Oblonga, The Quince. Isn't it lovely?
 The leaves are fuzzy!

It's easy to see how it is in the Rosaceae family along with apples and pears. The flower buds look like little rose buds.

In Paris, spring being slow is not such a bad thing. 

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